Sweet Heat Hot Yoga


Vinyasa Flow Yoga, levels 1 & 2: A dynamic hour of synchronizing breath with movement! You’ll flow through an intentional sequence of poses and explore pranayama (breath control) techniques. These classes aim to deepen body-mind integration and cultivate a sense of play, curiosity, and self-compassion. 

Led Ashtanga Vinyasa: A challenging series of progressive postures, linking movement with breath (vinyasa). Similar to Hot Yoga, the postures are memorized, and the practice is repetitive to allow for an intimate exploration into the self by way of the body. Open to all, but some previous  yoga experience is recommended.

Beginning Tai Chi Chuan: You will learn the Yang Family short form, the basics of internal structure, flow, some martial application, and the spiritual foundation of this beautiful art. Welcome to the watercourse way. 

Super Soul Sunday Movement: In this dynamic class you will be moving the physical and energy bodies through vinyasa yoga, a core strengthening aerobic series, sound, lymphatic drainage, somatics and breath control. A total-body experience! All levels welcome. (Maximum 10 students. Reservations required.)


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