Restraints and Observances – The Guiding Principles of Yoga

“Yama” (external restraints) and “niyama” (internal observances) form the bedrock of a yoga practice. Without them, yoga cannot begin.

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Integrity (yama/”satya”) Punctuality is essential. Please be present in the classroom, on your yoga mat, ready to practice, at least five minutes before the posted class time. At our school, late arrivals are not admitted.

Dedication to a higher purpose (niyama/”isvara-pranidhananiyama”) All students are expected to remain for the duration of the class . When one leaves early, yoga stops and the benefit is lost.

Self-Discipline (niyama/”tapas”) Feeling uncomfortable during class is typical from time to time. Try not to leave the class room. Practice enduring this adversity willingly and without complaint.

Contentment (niyama/”santosh”) For your safety and the serenity of others, please do not practice outside the Bikram Yoga method or sequence. Accept it for what it is.

Cleanliness (niyama/”saucha”): Shower before class, wash your feet, wear clean clothes, and please, no BO or heavy perfumes.

Non-Attachment (yama/”aparigraha”) Do not practice yoga if you are sick, fasting, under the influence of alcohol, painkillers, or recreational drugs. Coming to class under these conditions weakens your energy, undermines discipline, and is just not safe.

Classroom Code of Conduct

At our school, you will be working as an individual within a collective. We ask that you take responsibility for how your energy and behaviors impact the space and those around you.

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1) Please darken and silence all wearable technology. Place your device in “Theater Mode” so you are not tempted to interact with it during class.  If you simply cannot control the impulse, simply leave the device out in the lobby.

2) Bring in as much water as you’ll need into the classroom before the start of class. Exiting class to refill a water bottle is completely unnecessary.

3) You may exit the classroom to use the bathroom if it’s urgent.

4) When class is over, please wipe up your own sweat with your own towels. Your sweat is your responsibility. Practice good hygiene. Do not leave puddles behind.

5) It is expected that all students will stay for the full duration of the class. Plan your time accordingly.

6) Practice good hygiene by covering coughs & sneezes with a face towel.

7) Food, coffee, and sandy beach towels are prohibited in the classroom.

Let us show you how to set up your practice space and manage all that sweat!

Marieann demonstrates that for most women, one large towel will be sufficient to capture all their sweat. Bringing one additional towel will often come in handy. Thanks, Marieann!

Sean brings three large towels to capture all his sweat. Good job, Sean!

This gentleman brought only one towel and left behind a large pool of sweat. This is unacceptable, but it’s an easy problem to fix: Bring more towels and use them! Your instructors and fellow students will thank you!