Posture Clinics

Held every Saturday in August & September from 12:30- 2:00 pm
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Each week we’ll explore anatomical principles of select postures in the Bikram Yoga sequence. We’ll give you our best tips and tricks to help guide you to a deeper, more thought-provoking, and ultimately more satisfying practice. If you think you know a posture, you may realize you don’t! Come join us!

Learn how to:

Find neutral spine
Position the pelvic girdle
Position the shoulder girdle
Lock the knee; creating maximum stability for minimal effort
Position your feet properly

If you have orthopedic concerns (back pain, knee pain, flat feet, bow legs, knock knees, etc.), these sessions will help! Bring your questions and concerns, and we’ll address them along the way.

Posture clinics will be held in Studio 85 (the small studio.)
The room will be heated to 105 degrees at low humidity.
Maximum 12 students per clinic.
Reservations required.
Passes are non-refundable but may be transferred to another session on a space-available basis.

Session 1 – August 3, 2024

Pranayama Breathing / Half-moon Pose  / Hands to Feet Pose

half-moon pose
hands to feet

Session 2 – August 10, 2024

Awkward Pose / Eagle Pose


Session 3 – August 17, 2024

“Lock the Knee!” Creating maximum stability for minimal effort.
This special session will help you evaluate your own knees and learn to trust them!

Standing Head to Knee Pose / Balancing Stick Pose


Session 4 – August 24, 2024

Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose / Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose / Tree Pose

standing separate leg stretching
standing separate leg head to knee

Session 5 – August 31, 2024

Fixed Firm Pose / Half-Tortoise Pose / Toe Stand

fixed firm
half tortoise
toe stand

Session 6 – September 7, 2024

Camel Pose / Rabbit pose


Session 7 – September 14, 2024

Cobra Pose / Full Locust Pose / Spine Twist Pose

full locust
half spine twist

Session 8 – September 21, 2024

“Putting it all together – Part 1”

Standing Bow Pose

standing bow

Session 9 – September 28, 2024

“Putting it all together – Part 2”

Triangle Pose