30-day challenge

Our next 30-Day Yoga Challenge takes place in March, 2024

Where: At Sweet Heat Hot Yoga.

What: Take 30 yoga classes in 30 days.

Why? To challenge your mind, your body, your will, and simply because YOU CAN!

How? Visit us at the front desk, call, or email to let us know you want to join. Sorry, online sign-up is not available.

Cost: You may join the yoga challenge for free if you are a monthly recurring member. Otherwise, a special 30-day challenge pass is $129.


If you complete the Challenge, you will receive a limited edition finishers prize AND 20% off your next purchase of a class card and/or boutique items of your choice!

Oh, and one more thing…


Good luck to all participants!


Any class you see on our schedule counts towards completion (YES, 60-minute classes, too!)

Prepare for success by telling family, friends, or anyone who will listen to your intention to complete the Yoga Challenge. Stating your goals out loud to another person can increase your chance of achieving that goal.

Ask family members for support! Completing the 30-Day Yoga Challenge will require more of your time: Delegate tasks to others so you can commit to going to class. Learn to say “sorry, no” to obligations that do not enhance your well-being. Make your daily yoga class your priority.

Sorry, “early starts” and “late finishes” are not allowed. Participants must complete all 30 classes between March 1st and March 30th.

If you miss a class, you can make it up by taking TWO classes on the same day. You may take them morning and afternoon or two in a row. Taking THREE classes in one day is NOT allowed.

If you are taking two classes in a row, please make special preparations by bringing a small snack to eat in between classes and bringing a fresh change of clothes and towels.

You may join The Challenge after March 1st (space available) but will need to catch up by completing two classes in one day.

If you have to go out of town during the month, you may take any yoga class in another city and count it towards completion. Please show proof of attendance upon your return.

To receive credit for classes, you must: 1) Sign in at the front desk, 2) Be in the classroom at the start of class, 3) Be in the classroom at the end of class, and 4) place your “star sticker” on the scoreboard next to your name! Great job!

Remember to drink lots of water, get good sleep, and replace electrolytes throughout the yoga challenge.

Ask your teachers for help if you have questions or concerns or need additional support during the yoga challenge. We’re here to help you succeed!