Welcome to Sweet Heat Hot Yoga

Bringing Bikram’s Beginning Hot Yoga class to the Monterey Bay area since 1999.

Sweet Heat Hot Yoga is not a gym or a spa. We’re not really even a yoga studio. We are a yoga school, a school where the subject is YOU! Our work is disciplined yet joyful, challenging yet inspiring! Come see for yourself what’s made Bikram Yoga a worldwide sensation.

Our yoga school operates for the benefit of anyone who wishes to be an active participant in their own health and well-being. Beginners through advanced, all are welcome, even if you’ve never exercised or done yoga at all.

Come join us!

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Yoga as it’s Traditionally Taught

Traditional Hatha Yoga is more austere (strict) and less open to interpretation than a “western-style” yoga class. Bikram Yoga is a traditional class defined by its set posture sequence, led by voice. Students perform poses in unison, as directed by the instructor, then pause. These traditional methods are important as they inform the participant of the proper technique required to receive the benefit. Along the way, you will discover and examine the ironic and humorous truths of life!

members practicing triangle pose at sweet heat hot yoga
stretching in half-tortoise pose at sweet heat hot yoga

The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching will make you more flexible, but you do not have to be flexible to receive the powerful health benefits of yoga. Yoga poses are simply the medium by which the internal systems of the body are stimulated and realigned to promote general health and well-being. As alignment improves, so does the potential for change. Over time, you’ll gain self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of your Whole Self. Yoga may seem strange at first, but keep trying. With a bit of practice, it will become very natural and intrinsically rewarding. Besides, it just feels good!

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