Sweet Heat Hot Yoga

Experience the Transformation

Begin by standing tall and still on your yoga mat. Next, a deep breathing exercise to connect your mind with your body. As your body slowly warms, the sweat will begin to flow. Keep breathing. If you listen carefully, work honestly and try the right way, you will develop discipline, patience and courage. You will realign and rebalance your body, and come closer to your true self. Yoga can change the way you think about everyday things – change your mind, heal your body, and change your life! Yoga can show you the way.

The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching will make you more flexible, but you do not have to be flexible to receive the powerful health benefits of yoga. Yoga poses are simply the medium by which the internal systems of the body are stimulated and realigned to promote general health and well being. As alignment improves, so does the potential for change. Over time, you’ll gain self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of your Whole Self. Yoga may seem strange at first but keep trying. With a bit of practice it will become very natural, and intrinsically rewarding. Besides all that, it just feels good!

Benefits of the Heat

  1. Heat allows your muscles to stretch safely and joints to move more freely.
  2. Heat increases metabolism assisting with weight loss & weight maintenance.
  3. Elevated core temperatures help immune cells work better at fighting viral and bacterial infections before they take hold.
  4. Heat causes vasodilation allowing arteries and veins to relax and widen. This widening results in less vascular resistance which is particularly powerful in treating hypertension. 
  5. Exercise in the heat increases plasma volume and triggers the body to produce more oxygen carrying red blood cells. This allows us to perform normal activities more easily and/or increase athletic performance when looking for a competitive edge.

We have two separate classrooms in one location.

Each offers a different experience:



Studio 105 offers the original Bikram Beginning Yoga Class in both 90-minute and 60-minute formats.

All classes are heated to 108 degrees at 40% humidity.


Studio 85 offers Power Flow Yoga and occasional healing arts classes

Power Flow Yoga classes are heated to 80 degrees at ambient humidity.


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New Students

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